19 Dec 2017

Added a few links to the Bruhat decomposition paper.

18 Oct 2011

A very sad day. In Memoriam: Friedrich A. Kittler, 1943-2011. "The seminars held by Kittler and his graduate advisees gained renown for their provocative claims and enigmatic subject matter. Some claim his courses rivaled the Berlin club scene of the 1990s for their intoxicating effects." Here's the Guardian's obituary and Tom McCarthy's account of Kittler and the Sirens. And here he's himself talking about Pynchon, Primes, and the Riemann Conjecture.

12 Feb 2011

Updated the Yacop/SAGE packages for Sage 4.6.1 and Darwin 10.6.

10 Nov 2010

Who would have thought that: a new paper, after 10 years of silence! I have no words! Consequently, I will say no more.

31 May 2009

I've been working hard to get a Yacop preview running for the Sage Days 15 conference in Seattle. That code is now available on the Yacop project page. Some features are still missing and the whole thing needs to be polished before this can be released as version 1.0. But the current preview is already quite usable, so please, if you're interested and happen to have some spare time, give it a try.

30 Dec 2008

A last minute update for 2008 - another year without progress would have been pretty depressing, after all. But there's not much to say, because not much has changed. The "scrobj" Tcl extension is new (although it has been lying around for some time now). And I've updated the project descriptions for the "novikov" and "secfg" stuff. Nothing else for now, sorry. Nada. Rien.

12 Sep 2007

This year no change.

26 Jul 2006

Yacop seems to actually make some progress now, but needs still more time for a first public version. Completely unrelated is the fact that I just added my Google Earth coordinates, now that Google provides a Linux version of its program. Just don't drop a bomb, please, or I'll have to withdraw those coordinates again.

28 May 2006

Tiny changes, just to show this thing is still alive. Thought about adding a couple of stupid new charts for the primes 3, 5, and 7, which have been computed with the new program (up to dimensions 600 for p=3, 2500 for p=5 and 5000 for p=7). Didn't do it because they're so utterly useless without means to further investigate them. Did, however, update the Steenrod library to version 0.7631, though probably no-one cares. Now going back to sleep, will be back in 2007.

6 May 2005

Just launched the first version with the new page design. Too bad I missed the 05/05/05 date (by a couple of minutes). Also too bad that the filling station is already closed and there's no champagne in the fridge (again). I'll just drink a couple of beers and go to bed.