secfg-Formal Groups and the Secondary Steenrod algebra

The goal is to give a description of H.J.Baues' "secondary Steenrod algebra" in terms of formal group laws.

Status: whatever

novikov-Computation of the ANSS E2-Term

Problem: find a practical way to compute the Ext of the BP Hopf-algebroid.

Status: planning

yacop-Yet Another Cohomology Program

Yacop is an experimental package for the Sage computer algebra system. It introduces a framework for graded modules over the Steenrod algebra and allows to compute Ext/Tor for such modules (if they are "small").

Status: planning

steinberg-Small A-Resolutions

Mitchell and Smith have shown that there is an A-module structure on the sub Hopf algebras A(n). But how do you put an A-module structure on the minimal A(n)-free resolution?

Status: idle

be8-Cohomology from May resolutions

There is a good conjecture what H*(BE8;F2) should be, and in previous work we have described a reasonably small resolution that is supposed to compute it. It would be nice if we could finally make these ends meet.

Status: idle